Elements of the Smart Giving Strategies Style

In today’s multi-media environment, it’s no secret that donors and advisers suffer from information overload. Smart Giving Strategies publications stand out – both in appearance and with content. Here are some ways we offer considerably more substance in a visually appealing way:

  • Engage the reader with a compelling reason to stick with the subject
  • Convey material in an authoritative but accessible voice
  • Explain complex principles in plain English
  • Rely on case studies to educate donors about the benefits of a particular charitable giving tool
  • Use graphics, including charts, sidebars and callouts to quickly get across information
  • Employ a font that is easy on the eyes for donors who are 60+, but contemporary enough to appeal to the next generation of donors
  • Create templates that will enable busy people to rapidly absorb information
  • Incorporate illustrations, icons or photographs to make the publication more fun.



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