Smart Giving Strategies, Inc. is a New York publishing boutique dedicated to providing charities with results-oriented communication to reach donors and advisers. We offer fresh insights and practical information that will inspire donations.

Written in plain English by leading financial journalists, our materials combine a conversational tone with sophisticated, magazine style graphics.

Depending on a client’s needs, we can supply content, graphic design, illustration research and printing services to convey the message in the medium of choice.

Our publications achieve the following goals:

  • Promote additional contributions by strengthening charities’
    connection with existing donors
  • Interest new donors, including the next generation, in giving
  • Educate both donors and advisers about cutting edge approaches
  • Build an alliance with financial advisers, who have the capacity to foster or hinder donors’ relationships with a particular charity.

We also offer clients the economy and convenience of outsourcing two related services as a prelude or a complement to the editorial and graphic work that we do for them:

  • Website design and updating
  • Market research and strategic planning







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